Blatherskite Park is the home of some of the Northern Territory's biggest events, including Red CentreNATS and the annual Alice Springs Show. This is one of the only grounds in the region boasting these type of facilities.

The main oval:

one of the largest in the Northern Territory


seating up to 400 plus people

Subsidiary oval facilities:

including a rodeo arena and several equestrian areas, dressage arena, show jumping arena, round yard, day yards, cattle yards, horse bay wash

Agistment facility:

for horse accommodation

BMX facility:

run by the BMX Club

Two main pavilions:

for undercover and secure use

Special purpose facilities:

for expos, tradeshows, product launches

Infrastructure buildings:

for service, storage and maintenance purposes

Open grassed and unsealed areas:

for open air use

Stock management areas:

including stock and training yards