Refer to attached copy of Code of Conduct




1. Blatherskite park grounds are subject to normal road and vehicle regulations. It is necessary to observe all road signage including speed restrictions, parking and any specific requirements of the Trustees.
2. All vehicles used with the park grounds are required to be registered and roadworthy. You must possess a current licence to suit the type of vehicle that you are driving.
3. At all times you must obey the directions of park staff and the police. You are liable for fines if you commit any speeding, drink driving or other traffic offence.
4. You are required to adhere to the developed roadways at all times.
5. Due to a high presence of animals on the grounds, drivers are requested be patient and adjust their speed accordingly. All animals have the right of way.


Blatherskite Park is equipped with toilet facilities available for use by the public. These are maintained to a reasonable standard. If you require special facilities, please enquire prior to arrival. Toilet blocks are cleaned weekly and more frequently during special events.

Alcohol and Smoking Restrictions

Alcohol regulations

Blatherskite Park is subject to all liquor licensing legislation and social behaviour rulings in accordance with Alice Springs law. No alcohol is to be consumed in the open within 2 kilometres of a licensed outlet. This area includes the park.

Permits for sale of alcohol and consumption for specific events must be sought from the Liquor Commission and sighted by the Trustees. There are time restrictions for obtaining this approval and some strict constraints (and fines) if you fail to follow them. Persons responsible must seek this approval independently. The Trustees have no power to approve any instance or exception.

Smoking regulations

Blatherskite Park is a Smoke free zone


The Park is supplied with town water for drinking and washing purposes.

Irrigation of the grounds makes use of reclaimed water from the adjacent town treatment plant. Care should be taken when this system is operational due to the volume, pressure and quality of water from the sprinklers. This water should not be used for drinking or other purposes and supplies are clearly marked.

Please notify the park office if you note any damage to the grounds or malfunction of the services.